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The Finch Bangkok

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The Finch Bangkok
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Hiring 5 Full Time Host/Hostess, to work in Bangkok, Thailand. The pay is $540 per Month. Provides Insurance, Meals, Service Charge, Training & development.

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Finch Bangkok brings a touch of global sophistication to India's culinary landscape, presenting an elevated dining venture specializing in Progressive Indian Cuisine. Crafted to indulge your craving for an exceptional outing, our menu reflects refined charm. Teaming up with esteemed partners, we beckon you to seamlessly journey from dawn to dusk in a lavish ambiance, embracing the forefront of contemporary trends. Chandigarh, Ludhiana, and Mumbai are poised to embrace a fresh mixology ethos inspired by Upper East Asia, introducing inventive fusions of music, culinary artistry, and mixology. Finch isn't merely a destination; it's an escapade waiting to unfold. Reviving a sense of nostalgia with a modern twist, this adaptable venue in Bangkok effortlessly creates a welcoming atmosphere for enjoyable conversations that inspire in a creative setting. Combining music, drinks, and international dishes, this venue aims to enhance your dining experience by entertaining and delighting your senses with each song, beverage, and flavor. The Finch Is: 1. Intimate Sociable,yet intimate. Welcoming everyone into a place where one can escape into a warm, unfussy' conversational environment encouraging to be their unhibited best. 2. Comfortable Everyone likes, a place they would like to call their own- 'It's my kind of place. Elegant and Charming. The Finch is like an embrace you want to receive when you going to your favourite persons home. You feel ti at The Finch with every interaction of food, music or service. 3. Entertaining The Finch believes, everyday must be lived and maximized to its fullest. Entering the Finch itself, you experience an awakening of the senses with the entertainment on offer, the amazing food and drink, and friendly service. The day transforms to it's best moments.