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PV FCZO - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Full Time
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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1 Year
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United Arab Emirates
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High School
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Faceless Content Creator Position


The first company building AI Influencers is looking for its next hire. 

And the requirements might shock you...

Because... we're looking for one FULL-TIME new team member...

Who will be paid 12,000 AED / month...

To produce content all day with our video crew at home and in our studio. 

Regardless of your number of followers...

Because we will NOT require you to post anything on your account...

Regardless of you being public... 

Because our AI technology will swap your face and your voice...

So your real identity will be PROTECTED!

The most important thing is that...

You're charismatic and engaging in front of a camera...

You speak fluent English...

You're not afraid of immersing yourself in various topics... 

And you love having fun acting with different personalities!  

So if you want to be part of a team building exciting stuff and impacting millions of lives...

Or just having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have fun while being paid...

Fill out the survey as soon as possible >>> https://tally.so/r/w8kzOr 

We don't really care about your resume.

Because as innovators, we acknowledge that there's no clearly defined job title...

And the perfect hire can be anyone who meets the main requirements...

So don't feel that you're not qualifed enought for this job...

And take your chance by filling out the survey >>> https://tally.so/r/w8kzOr


If you're still here... 

Maybe you have some questions.

Like how does it work and what will you do exactly?

It's very simple.

1) Our marketing team will produce edu-entertaining scripts about various subjects
2) Our video crew will decide the best place to shoot the content, whether at home, outdoors or in a video studio ;
3) You will be assisted by a teleprompter so you will not need to memorize the script.
4) Once the content is shoot, our engineers will swap your face and voice with those of the AI influencers we have built.
5) So it can be published on social media like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube