Medusa Restaurants hiring Sous Chef at Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sous Chef

Medusa Restaurants - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Full Time
Sous Chef
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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3 years
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United Arab Emirates
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Job Description


  • Manage, organise and supervise the work of the kitchen staff at the establishment and ensure they are properly briefed; lead your team by example
  • Guide the kitchen staff (cooks, auxiliaries) of the establishment to develop their skills and to make the most of their potential through all available means, including regular performance evaluations
  • Train staff and ensure the proper handling of machinery, equipment, technology by staff to prevent their breakdown and premature wear and tear
  • Participate in the training and knowledge checks of kitchen staff, bear responsibility for newly recruited subordinates during the probationary period and participate in his/her adaptation process
  • Ensure effective planning of kitchen staff numbers, work shifts, division of responsibilities and use of the working time pool in accordance with the customer traffic curve (seasons, prime time), in cooperation with the General Manager
  • Ensure compliance (checking and record keeping) with the prescribed attendance of cooks and auxiliaries
  • Ensure compliance with OSH, fire protection, hygiene principles, dress code of kitchen staff
  • Identify and develop talent in the kitchen section, plan for succession of management positions
  • Participate in the fair termination of the employment relationship


  • Maintain the kitchen section and its storage areas in perfect condition and cleanliness – identify/communicate defects, observe hygiene regulations, cleaning processes and sanitation days (two sanitation days a year, set for night hours with no limitation on operating hours)
  • Ensure the correct use of cleaning agents for a given type of soiling and material
  • Secure the personnel and organisation of sanitation days (list of tasks, division of tasks, inspection of tasks performed, cleaning agents and tools, securing shifts)
  • Secure and monitor the sufficiency of the kitchen inventory, prevent shortages and prevent the kitchen from keeping borrowed utensils that do not belong to that establishment
  • Train staff and ensure the proper handling of machinery, equipment, technology by staff to prevent their breakdown and premature wear and tear


  • Secure comprehensive and accurate recipes, preparation procedures and photographs of products produced in the kitchen
  • Bear responsibility for the monitoring and consistency of performance and quality of products intended for the customer (appearance, temperature, quantity, taste and correct recipe) exactly according to the operating manual
  • Be familiar with the whole portfolio of kitchen products, bear responsibility for compliance with norms and technological procedures during the preparation/serving of food
  • Ensure that goods for the establishment's kitchen are ordered exclusively from contracted suppliers
  • Ensure the correct receipt, handling and storage of raw materials (goods) in the kitchen.
  • Analyse the efficiency of working procedures, speed and time of product preparation, and implement the results of the analysis into practice
  • Ensure compliance with HACCP principles
  • Observe and complete the hygiene checklists for the establishment, and HACCP sanitation forms
  • Participate actively in the preparation of the menu, seasonal events/inserts


  • Monitor/document the consistency between the inventory and physical status of goods in the kitchen, draw consequences according to the Medusa strategy, bear responsibility for the correct inventorying of raw materials, property (correct counts, correctly completed forms), and for the submission of the documents to the purchasing department by the deadline
  • Adhere to the set staffing costs of the kitchen section, increases or decreases in staffing costs can only be made with the approval of the General Manager and Brand Chef/Brand Manager
  • Bear responsibility for compliance with the kitchen's variable cost saving plan – the plan covers the usage of cleaning agents, energy savings
  • Bear responsibility for meeting the set coefficient in the kitchen


  • Experience in Michelin stared restaurants
  • Mediterranean and Spanish restaurant background and UAE experience
  • Knowledge in foodwatch platform and PIC Certificates
  • Trained in ISO it is a plus