Reservations Manager

Galliard Restaurant & Cafe - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Part Time / Full Time
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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2 Years

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4 years
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United Arab Emirates
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Bachelor's degree
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Job Description

Reception Manager’s Job Description

  • Supervising the entire team and ensuring they follow the restaurant’s standard operating procedures.
  • Welcoming and warmly greeting the guests upon arrival, addressing them by name whenever possible.
  • Escorting the guests to tables that best serve their wishes, on a timely manner.
  • Filling the restaurant.
  • Quick seating guests.
  • Maintaining complete knowledge of all our foods and beverages, outlets, services and hours of operation.
  • Interacting with the guests while walking them to their tables.
  • Ensuring that everything that the guests will need is in order and clean.
  • Greeting, estimating wait times, and handing pagers to the guests whenever we are full.
  • Monitoring guests’ waiting list.
  • Updating open and dirty tables.
  • Informing the bussers about dirty tables.
  • Helping the bussers with the cleaning and setting up of dirty tables when necessary.
  • Informing the guests of the range of our pagers.
  • Paging, showing gratitude for waiting, and seating the guests when we have a table for them.
  • Providing a menu for the guests and explaining the specials to them.
  • Regularly checking the reservation book for next meal reservations.
  • Scheduling reservations in advance for the guests.
  • Answering guests’ questions accurately and politely.
  • Answering phone calls within 3 rings or less, in a polite manner.
  • Bidding farewell to the guests as they leave.
  • Ensuring effective and fast delivery service by the servers.
  • Inspecting the dining facilities and ensuring proper maintenance.
  • Ensuring that guests are being attended to on time.
  • Ensuring that guests receive quality service.
  • Training new and existing staff and managers.
  • Accepting guests complains and feedbacks.
  • Helping the guest fall in line when we are on a wait.
  • Showing the guest where to seat or hang around while waiting for their tables.
  • Handing menus to guests that are waiting for their tables, so that they can decide what to have before their table is ready.
  • Doing side-works during and at the end of each shift, such as menu sweep, menu wipe, refilling the silver trays, cleaning high chairs, restroom check, pager inventory, and updating the servers’ map.
  • Showing the guests to the restroom.
  • Doing restroom checks and informing the steward when it needs to be cleaned.
  • Updating and loading the floor plan.
  • Ensuring that all the guests’ requirements are timely met.
  • Introducing the guests to their servers.
  • Attending basic food safety and work safety training programs.